MailZingo E-Marketing

World’s Most Powerful self-hosted & web based email marketing automation software that allows you to get your mails delivered straight to the inbox and boost opt-in rates with no additional effort or expense and gives you the power to have complete control on your email marketing campaigns.

It is a must have tool in your marketing arsenal that comes with a ONE-TIME FEE and that will send all existing money sucking autoresponders back to their nest.

Yeah, that’s completely true as MailZingo automates your email marketing, From A to Z and make it completely hassle free.

Seriously, there’s NOTHING like this on the market right now.

Import unlimited lists easily without any restrictions
Get boatloads of qualified leads with minimum time and money invested
Build strong relationships with your subscribers with well-crafted emails.
Send UNLIMITED emails to UNLIMITED Subscribers without paying any monthly fees
Get faster inbox delivery, Massive increase in opens and make more money from your existing subscriber list
Have complete control on your email marketing campaigns
Greatly reduce spam complaints and protects your send reputation
Enjoy Traffic and Money by sending Unlimited & best emails.
One-time payment to get rid of huge monthly payment hassles
MailZingo is 100% newbie-friendly that handles all your email marketing hassles so you can bid adieu to those pricey autoresponders or mailing software.

It’s completely WIN-WIN situation for marketers who find email marketing a tough nut to crack. And the best part is that, you can make more and more money every single month without investing a fortune.