PLR Product (Unlimited)

Now this one is special, if you get the Gold Membership Lifetime Package, you get unlimited downloads of product.

This product you can either sell, giveaway or relabel as your own for life. (Depending on the level of licensing for that poduct. The levels are Personal Rights, Giveaway Rights, With Resell Rights, With Master Resell Rights, With Private Label Rights.

That may sound restrictive but seriously there are over 9200 products available, its not.

You may have seen people selling iondividual PLR products. Its none of this PLR buy by the product rubbish, this is the GET IT ALL package (or you could just get the three month or annual package and still get it all), and if you have a limit on your downloads, like we get here in Australia, you’ll hit it, just wait and see… The best approach is, after viewing, is to walk away, and think of the best way you can use this resource, the steps involved, and then start downloading.

Otherwise you’ll just fill up all your storage space without achieving a goal, so set some goals, jusy sayin.

Is it good? I think so, absolutely, and yes there is some things that are just rubbish but that is the exception rather than the rule.

But even if you never sell anything from it, it is a great reference for learning and includes content ie – photos, web graphics, music… most of which you could use in projects commercialy.

There’s Private Label Rights articles. ebooks, training packages, software, WordPress Plugins so it’s a great resource for content, plus it’s updated with new content regularly.

If you are a teacher it’s a must have resource.

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