Simple Quiz Engine

Simple Quiz Engine - WordPress Smart Plug-inSimple Quiz Engine connects through API with the most popular autoresponders, and is fully compatible with any email service.

If your autoresponder supports tagging, SQE will INSTANTLY add your quiz participants to targeted lists … you won’t have to lift a finger.

If not, no problem! You can create custom fields in your optin forms to segment prospects and leads.

Either way, SQE collects ALL quiz user information and tags into a backend database. You can export these details as a csv file anytime to create perfectly segmented lists, regardless of your service provider.

While we’ve jam-packed Simple Quiz Engine with all these sophisticated (yet easy-to-use features).

Simple Quiz Engine is a feature packed (yet easy to use) WordPress Plug-in which helps to drive more traffic.

  • It Solves The Problem Of Finding Out What Subscribers Want.
  • It encourages MORE users to click AND share your links
  • Gives You A Way To Serve Up A Perfect Offer As Soon As You Find Out What They Want (At The Very Moment They’re Primed To Take Action And Buy!