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Clickfunnels is a web page builder that makes sales funnels, websites and even membership sites. But its a lot more than that as it’s a marketing tool designed by a marketer.

Developed by multi-millionaire marketer Russell Brunson and his team they have rewritten the book on internet marketing with a software tool that combines almost all of the elements to monatize any product.

They have made a process that took what used to be weeks to complete to something a non techy can now do in a day.

Will it change the world? Well certainly for some people but there are other platforms hot on Russels heals that can do similar things but arn’t as integrated or as easy to impliment.

But do I love it and if you have a budget to support it, it will shorten your time to market literally over night.

Ease of Use (3.5/5)
Price (3/5)
Instructions for Use (3/5)
Implimentation (4.5/5)

Once you log-in online you come to  this screen. Here you select or create your Funnel.

Now a funnel can have any number of pages (known as steps) and they can be linked or stand as seperate pages.

Once you enter a Funnel you can access the general settings for each page (step) view your Funnels Statistics, cofigure which domain the funnel page is shown on (CF will allow a funnel to be set to any domain).

To edit a page you tap the Edit Page button and you enter the edit screen.

The editor is quite comprehensive, it breaks the page into sections and you can drag and drop elements into it.

For a more comprehensive look at the editor download my guide to setup ClickFunnel’s below.

Is it without flaws?  In some ways I guess the main one is that from a technical point of view the platform is a work in progress, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There are millions of dollars that ClickFunnel’s users have made through using it. So it does work and it works well.

I think the training could be better, it simply put, appears rushed and written or delivered by programers not experienced teachers. It will tell you the answer, and support does respond eventually if you are stuck, but they need to allocate and train more staff and more training of those staff in that area.

There are definitely some things in the user interface that need to be fixed. Like to get a page in your domain you have to enter the same change in three different windows… guys seriously…

So things to consider. First point is it costs. A $97 a month entry point or with everything $297 a month.

With both versions you still need to host your email elsewhere. (My recommendation for that is Thexyz which will start you with a 25GB mailbox for less that $2 a month per email mailbox.)

With ClickFunnel’s entry level you still need an email autoresponder but with the all in version you get ClickFunnels own Actionetics which is like an email autoresponder on steroids. It is so much more than just an autoresponder and it introduces the ability to create marketing funnels allowing marketing responses using multiple communication channels based on a users interaction for the ultimate individual target marketing platform.

(My pick for an email autoresponder would be GetResponse so that’s another $15 a month to add to your $97 a month to start with.)

Now as Russell says “Your one funnel away…” and with ClickFunnels and the right offer, product and copy it could and can change your life.

It’s just getting the planets to align. Clickfunnel offers extensive training if you have the budget and you are the right fit you could reap the rewards.

On the same token they have free books plus postage and if you want to learn about Sales Funnels and Marketing the DOTCOMSECRETS and EXPERT SECRETS are a must read.

So for the non-techy ClickFunnels offers the ability to create websites similar to other page builders, but with the focus on marketing it gives the marketer an amazing set of tools.

But one solution doesn’t fit all, so if it’s in your budget range I recommend that you tap the button below and get the 14 day FREE trial.

To learn how to set it up if you get stuck you can purchase my guide on how to setup a ClickFunnel’s account. If you get stuck email me and I’ll get you sorted.

The Good
  • One of the best Sales Funnel Creators
  • Easy to use page creator
  • Marketers Dream
  • Sales Funnel Templates
  • Facebook users Group that never sleeps with help and advice
The Bad
  • Help Documentation could be better
  • Support Desk is slow
  • Expensive for low budget startups
ClickFunnels Entry
$97 a month
ClickFunnels with Actionetics
$297 a month