WP Import Pro

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WP Import 2.0 is a WordPress Plug-in and if you are struggling to create content for your blog it can be an inspirational source of ideas that can immediately free the writers block.

Having said that before you go down this path ask yourself “What are the most common questions that my customers ask?” and from your own point of view “What are the most common things that you wish your customer understood about your niche?”

Now if you have written blog posts or articles about all of these then I’ll give you permission to use WP Import Pro but only then.

At the end of the day it’s about giving your customers what they want to know.

Now WP Import doesn’t cost very much, it has it’s own library of articles (28,000) that are already prewritten but having read through a number of these I don’t think that without modifying them they should be used.

Put simply everything you publish should have the following

  1. Does the article add value by giving new information or creating a “that’s what that means” moment?
  2. Does the article paint you by what you have written as an authority on that topic?
  3. Does the article offer enough information that the reader might contact you wanting to know more?

If it ticks at least two of those pints then that’s a good start…

So back to WP Import, now I am writting what is turning out to be a novel sized document on internet marketing. At least with a book a page is the size of a page. On the internet a page can go on forever. Some of my internet pages take 14 pages to print.

So I bought WP Import as it was very affordable and unlike some of the steal content and republish solutions that I ethically don’t agree, with this, it comes with a huge library of copyright free PLR articles to use. And that great!

If has articles on most popular topics and with a day or two of sorting and editing you could seriously have a years worth of blog posts sorted and sceduled.

That being said it’s depth of knowledge on internet marketing isn’t huge but needless to say it created the inspiration I needed at times when my brain overload was taking hold.

And for that it worth its weight in gold.

Implimentation (4/5)
Intrinsic Value (3.5/5)
Price (4.5/5)
Ease of Use (3/5)

Lets look at the way it works.


So you have a number of options. You could upload your own articles, search for articles from the 28,000 you have available, import or enter manually.

You can then add these and create new posts or pages.

So if I did a search for shoes it would list articles.

Now I could select the Preview Option .

It will then display each article and I can decide on it’s suitability

If I tap continue it will then create Individual Posts for each article…. Instantly

Now of course you can add video’s from You-Tube and edit the content but as a time saver or simply creating a starting point this can prove to be very helpful.

I recommend you edit the content and make it your own but I have to give this content creation solution the thumbs up and recommend it.

View the Sales video from the Buy Now Page to learn ways that it could serve you.

Tap the Buy Now button to find out more

WP Import Pro
The Good
  • Huge Database
  • Instant Results
  • User Friendly
  • Affordable
The Bad
  • Must do Editing
  • Not Much
WP Import Pro 2.0
WP Import Pro 2.0

Generate Press Pro

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Now first up Generate Press is available as a free theme and if you are starting up with a budget of nothing… if you combine Generate Presses free theme with Elementor, the free page builder Plug-in, then you are set to go.

That being said upgrading to the Generate Press Pro Plug-in unlocks features that to me are must haves. Once you’ve used Generate Press Pro there is no going back…

Price (4.5/5)
Ease of Use (4/5)
implimentation (4/5)
Intrinsic Value (4.5/5)

Now before I met this plug-in I hated WordPress. I come from the World of Dreamweaver where you can do anything, it just takes time.

I even went through a Joomla (a similar FREE content management system to WordPress) love period, till someone  hacked it, and I lost 12 months work.

Lesson here – backup your work and your updates…. automaticly to somewhere else on the net.

Never assume the hosting company will help as I quickly discovered. NEVER…

So in addition to my hosts backup I now use the backup feature in the Hepsia Control panel and it automaticly backs up to DropBox. (once you set it up).

Yes, you can probably afford to loose a days work, but a weeks, months, or year worth is time you’ll never get back.

Yes I had a backup on my local hard drive but that failed the week before the hack… (thanks Apple – but it was my fault for not having that backed up)

Sorry I digress

Now Dreamweaver was fine as a WYSIWYG editor till Adobe got hold of it and around the same time the world of CSS and HTML 5 appeared. The WYSIWYG part became a lot more involved… sigh

It is truely now a web designer and programming tool.

Don’t get me wrong the new Dreamweaver is a fine tool and I still pay Adobe every month for the Adobe Cloud Package but I mainly use that to access Photoshop, Premier and After Effects. I’d be lucky if I load Dreamweaver twice a month…

Simply put with the combination of WordPress, the Generate Press Pro Plug-in,  and the free page builder like the Elementor Plug-in, one can easily build a website with just a small learning curve and in a short period of time. And it can look great, actually even better than great.

But you might say “What about a membership site or an Amazon store or a Sales Funnel Builder?

You just add the necessary plug-in’s in and create.

How do I know?

Cause I do all of those things on this website and the only monthly fee I pay is my hosting fee and the yearly domain charge, apart from transaction fees and taxes…

It even runs my secure download area where after purchase you can access and download a product.

So what does the Generate Press Premium WordPress Plug-in do?

It gives you the control to do, well pretty well everything. Ok lets walk through the additions.

It adds on in what first appearance doesn’t seem to be that much… but once we drill down in the menus a lot is revealed.

It gets into the nitty gritty and for me this was a gamechanger.

For the first time in WordPress I could actually get what I wanted.

So lets go deeper.

I’ve used a lot of themes since this and while they may in some ways appear different many times i have been left looking for the sort of controls that Generate Press Pro Offers.

Just being able to turn off sections in the page editor screen is so nice.

Create a Landing Page with no navigation at the start of a sales funnel, tick a box and it’s gone.

Don’t like the colour of the navigation change it

Once you understand the way to navigate the many options in Generate Press Pro everything else is really up to your creativity.

Now there are 14 add-ons that are included in the plug-in and each just adds to your options.

All i can say as a summary is I like it so much I bought it. You are seeing it it in use now on this site and in other sites I am building or have built.

The license you get with it means you can install it on any sites you own or sites you develop for others.

So unlimited installs 🙂

Follow the Get it Now links and watch the videos that show you what it can do and the ways you can do it.

Highly recommended.

Generate Press Premium
The Good
  • Very Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Features
The Bad
  • None
GP Premium
Generate Press Pro
$ 39.95