72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits – Book Review

Ok, I wish I had bought this book, actually it’s free plus postage, but I would have paid for it, a year ago 🙁

Why? because it speaks the truth.

And i’ve learned that the hard way…

If you want an idea of what it contains you can follow this LINK  and if you go to exit from the page (at least at the time when i ordered it) you could download 7 chapters of it for free to get a taste.

Making money as an affiliate selling someone else’s products on the internet is simply put hard work!

There are many of us who after a year or more still haven’t made a sale.

Will this book help?

Yes i believe so,


You actually have to do the work.

You have to pick your niche

You have to avoid shiny object syndrome (buying every online training course or software package)

And then never actually finishing the courses or using the software

BUT actually FOCUS on one thing, and work at it, don’t get distracted….


Now as Patric points out there are 72 ways but you need to pick just ONE!

And make that work.

Then of course there is marketing…

Yes you can do it ALL yourself but consider

Patric’s 5 Marketing Words of Wisdom

  1. Innovate (or Perish)
  2. Know less, do more
  3. Need a Team
  4. Asian Market
  5. Take a Risk

Now to give you the details about these would not be right, but the fact Patric will for free, is a credit to him, as for him, like me it’s about giving back and sharing the knowledge.

So should every potential affiliate or internet marketer read this book to get a handle on the industry and avoid some of the mistakes that you will make.


Free plus postage..

It took a little over a week to arrive in Australia

I was just a year too late in ordering it…

72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits




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