Going where autoresponders can’t go…

For many of us involved in internet marketing, integrating autoresponders into monitoring clicks, made from links in the emails we send out, and putting code on our webpages to check on visits from our customers, is part of the norm.

Many of the major autoresponder companies have started to include the ability to create website landing pages, which take their products into the big league. I quite like the editor that Get Response has to create landing pages, and for getting email addresses, their form builder rocks.

Most autoresponders now have the ability to create html based email messages which seriously takes no effort to create a great looking email. But out of the 150 emails I receive every day maybe one marketer is actually using this technology…

Seriously I think it’s time we made the effort.

And i am sooo sick of multiple emails from the same marketers in product launch weeks when I buy the product (when it’s the cheapest on day 1) but receive another 9 emails from them anyway. Gee it would be good if they had the technology to move me from the advertise to list, to the bought the product list and then market the upsells to me….

Gosh that would make really good marketing sense…

Ok so where is this headed.

Moving a client from one list to another in the autoresponder, Cool Form Builders, Landing Page Creation Editors, Wonderful Looking Html Emails, Social Media Stats about the Client and their interests, occupation and income level, Sales Page Creation Tools and Sales Funnels editors with upsells.

Oh and Analytics so we actually knew what was working and what wasn’t…

Wouldn’t it be good if someone tied all this technology together into one package that did it all.

Who would be the one person that could have the vision for all of that


Actually make it work!

His name is Russell and you need to watch this…



Follow this link to find out more or go to http://cf.stw.fyi

Yes I am an affiliate for this product but I guess you can see why.

Web Hosting – The new GUI

For many of us C-Panel is what many of us have used for years. It has grown, been updated, twisted and conformed into the monster that it is today.

Kind of like how WordPress grew from a blogging tool to a website creator

Kind of like how Windows grew from a thing called DOS which was a text based interface, to the click, drag and now slide and tap user interface that it is today.

So the C-Panel graphic user interface sits on top of a Linux operating system.

It’s cool, incredibly powerful and I describe it as the server version of a V8 muscle car. But it comes at a cost which is a licence fee which you as the hirer of the place of where your website is hosted pay as part of your monthly or annual fee.

Enter the new kid on the block, something that in some ways is modeled off the C-Panel interface but it kinda looked at C-Panels good points and made sure the really annoying things that webmasters hate about C-Panel were never going to be an issue or appear in it.

Now if i was going to compare this OS to a car it would be a BMW i8

I’ve been using a VPS (virtual private server) version on this for over a year. At the peak I had over 1000 domains hosted on it.

Installing a WordPress site or any CMS is a breeze. As is setting up multiple email accounts on different domains.

Does it work well? It is fast, if you are reading this post on the  https://www.stuffthatworks.news/blog then you are seeing it in action.

Why would you host on it as opposed to a C-Panel host? Well if speed, ease of use, local access, having the servers your website is located on at multiple points around the globe are a concern it’s is definitely worth considering. And the biggy of course…… price.

And the fact that the help desk response time in every situation that I have had to use it took 15 minutes or less..

So if you are based in the States and you can’t tear yourself away from a C-Panel i recommend and use In-motion Hosting

If you want to take the next step in the re-creation of what C-Panel should be, or are starting out with a budget of not very much, you should go for the Hepsia system at iClick & Host.

So Hepsia is the new kid on the block and definitely worth the look.




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