72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits – Book Review

Ok, I wish I had bought this book, actually it’s free plus postage, but I would have paid for it, a year ago 🙁

Why? because it speaks the truth.

And i’ve learned that the hard way…

If you want an idea of what it contains you can follow this LINK  and if you go to exit from the page (at least at the time when i ordered it) you could download 7 chapters of it for free to get a taste.

Making money as an affiliate selling someone else’s products on the internet is simply put hard work!

There are many of us who after a year or more still haven’t made a sale.

Will this book help?

Yes i believe so,


You actually have to do the work.

You have to pick your niche

You have to avoid shiny object syndrome (buying every online training course or software package)

And then never actually finishing the courses or using the software

BUT actually FOCUS on one thing, and work at it, don’t get distracted….


Now as Patric points out there are 72 ways but you need to pick just ONE!

And make that work.

Then of course there is marketing…

Yes you can do it ALL yourself but consider

Patric’s 5 Marketing Words of Wisdom

  1. Innovate (or Perish)
  2. Know less, do more
  3. Need a Team
  4. Asian Market
  5. Take a Risk

Now to give you the details about these would not be right, but the fact Patric will for free, is a credit to him, as for him, like me it’s about giving back and sharing the knowledge.

So should every potential affiliate or internet marketer read this book to get a handle on the industry and avoid some of the mistakes that you will make.


Free plus postage..

It took a little over a week to arrive in Australia

I was just a year too late in ordering it…

72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits




Going where autoresponders can’t go…

For many of us involved in internet marketing, integrating autoresponders into monitoring clicks, made from links in the emails we send out, and putting code on our webpages to check on visits from our customers, is part of the norm.

Many of the major autoresponder companies have started to include the ability to create website landing pages, which take their products into the big league. I quite like the editor that Get Response has to create landing pages, and for getting email addresses, their form builder rocks.

Most autoresponders now have the ability to create html based email messages which seriously takes no effort to create a great looking email. But out of the 150 emails I receive every day maybe one marketer is actually using this technology…

Seriously I think it’s time we made the effort.

And i am sooo sick of multiple emails from the same marketers in product launch weeks when I buy the product (when it’s the cheapest on day 1) but receive another 9 emails from them anyway. Gee it would be good if they had the technology to move me from the advertise to list, to the bought the product list and then market the upsells to me….

Gosh that would make really good marketing sense…

Ok so where is this headed.

Moving a client from one list to another in the autoresponder, Cool Form Builders, Landing Page Creation Editors, Wonderful Looking Html Emails, Social Media Stats about the Client and their interests, occupation and income level, Sales Page Creation Tools and Sales Funnels editors with upsells.

Oh and Analytics so we actually knew what was working and what wasn’t…

Wouldn’t it be good if someone tied all this technology together into one package that did it all.

Who would be the one person that could have the vision for all of that


Actually make it work!

His name is Russell and you need to watch this…



Follow this link to find out more or go to http://cf.stw.fyi

Yes I am an affiliate for this product but I guess you can see why.

Not getting many opt-ins? The answer may be easier than you think…

Ok so i’ve written this really cool PDF, man it’s got everything a business needs to know about starting and promoting a business online, the social media posts for it have seen over 700k of impressions, the website has had 100 visitors and 4 people have signed up and downloaded the free book…

Sound familar…

So time for a rethink.

So how do you engage and get an audience member to want your product?

Well in many ways it’s about winning trust, as so many have been burn’t by downloading rubbish and then having their inboxes SPAMMED with junk.

Sound familar…

It’s a bit like asking a member of the opposite (or same?) sex for a phone number straight up, I mean unless there is something irristable in your tone, your not likely to get the response you’d like.

We need to do a bit, give a lot, gee in the real world we would actually start a conversation.

This is where we can do a similar thing on the internet.

And why quizes and surveys have proven a magical way to interact with the user, gain their trust and leave them needing to know the answers or their score.

So they enter their email address to get the results without a second thought…

In fact 96% of people doing quizes at Buzzfeed finished them. The number of people doing Quizes there is in the Millions. If you want an audience run a Quiz!

Now there are two quiz programs that I really like and yes I’m an affiliate for both, but as with all products I recommend if they aren’t made from the Stuff That Works they wouldn’t even rate a mention.

One you wouldn’t expect, I didn’t even know it had the function, but both can be really effective in getting subscribers and identifying the type of client if used correctly.

But in the response email, that the new subscriber gets, it is important to word this correctly, as both these solutions don’t automaticly give the answers. So I always ensure that the email that is sent does have the answers, as this is critical to winning the clients trust and certainly preventing an unsubscribe.

So the first example of a Quiz solution is a WordPress Plugin called QuizLeads, only just released, and yes it took me a little bit to sort out, and get it talking to my GetResponse AutoResponser but it works well. It certainly, with it’s two option answers makes the ability to capture a user attention fast and effective. It’s entry level price is under $10 so it really is a no brainer, but i would recommend upgrading to the higher versions. Having said that the version I am demonstrating at this link is the entry level one. So try it and see. Once you complete the Quiz you are taken to the Sales Page so watch the video there if you’d like to know more. It is the release week of the product so the price won’t stay at that level for very long.

Now the other Quiz software is actually a survey function that is included in the Get Response AutoResponder. Now this one actually let’s you store the question responses in your Get Response database, so want to findout what your potential client really wants/needs?

Ok you will have to add some custom fields in first to save the responses into before you create the quiz/survey. But from a marketing point of view it is so worth the effort. So i’d recommend you get the free Get Response 30 day trail and sus this out as if you havn’t commited to an autoresponder (which every online business needs) it’s so worth the $15 a month just for this function. Let alone the 1000 contacts, a html email creator, the condition based autoresponders and a form builder, a wordpress plug-in and a training program to get you 10,000 email subscribers that just rocks!

Every person on your email list is worth about $2 a month (or more) to you if you structure, grow, nurture and support your email clients.

So try our Quiz using QuizLeads here and checkout the GetResponse Survey Function if you are serious about finding out what your clients actually need and marketing to them!










Video Pal – The next generation of Marketing

A few year ago now it took us three weeks and about $10,000 to create what if you use an animated or human like avatar from VideoPal you can now do in minutes.  Or in a day or less with an actual human if you shoot on a single colour background (think green screen) and this will cost way less than you could ever image.

In fact I think these Avatars are so dam effective that every website will have one soon.

If you thought pop-ups were annoying, pop-ups that talk at you certainly provoke a response.

It’s how and where they are used that can, and will drive sales, that will make, a huge difference to the online market place and any businesses bottom line

Am i using this technology? Yes

Will I create it for other websites and clients? Absolutely

I think for anyone in the marketing game it will increase conversions massively.

It will create a viral conversation….

This technology will allow Countdown Timers, Action Buttons, and Email Signup/Opt-in forms to appear with the Avatars.

The Avatars can appear…..When a page loads, at a certain time (after the page loads) or as a pop-up on exit.

They can even make the rest of the page go dark while they deliver their message.

You can be the Avatar, shoot a video with a green screen or simular background and market your own product. Establish immediate trust with your clients. Sell while you sleep.

See a demonstration I created at this link or access the VideoPal sales page directly here. Act quickly though as it’s the products launch week and the price will rise soon.

And yes I am an affiliate for this product.






ClickFunnels Changing Peoples Lives

ClickFunnels is the vision of marketer Russel Brunson come to life. A mad marketing nut who from an early age would ring up companies to get free offers and have them delivered to his parents house. Boxes of stuff would arrive, much more than the odd letter his parents would see. And he would rumage through the adds and learn about what worked and what didn’t. He describes this as his junk mail addiction, and this combined with his TV add addiction created the million dollar internet marketer we see today…

Come forward a few years later his first “making money from the internet” saw his internet connection (this was in the days of dialup) suspended as he attempted his first mass internet mailout to an aquired email list. But even so it met with some success and this ignited the passion which still drives him today.

So like most of us in business we have wins and losses and marketing someones elses product can be an issue. ClickFumnnels and the way it is marketed and supported takes a whole new breath of fresh air into the picture.

What is ClickFunnels? Well it is an the electronic or rather internet version of a sales funnel. Unlike a standard internet shopping cart the user is funnelled through a path to hopefully get their needs fufilled. It is based around a value ladder where the customer buys one product and then is offered an upsell (would you like fries and a drink with that), and if successful another upsell (how about an instructional video and 7 day training course on how to best eat your hamburger, fries and coke and avoid weightloss) but if they don’t want the upsells give them the option of a downsell (would you like a carrot stick and some hommace?) and then if they pass on that give them a discount voucher/code that they can use on their next purchase.

Now thats one example of what ClickFunnels offers and really it’s a bit like the iceburg what you see at the top is nothing compared to what is below the surface. What Russel and his team of developers have created is an online service where anyone can create a sales funnel that can add value to their business by offering customers a pathway to resolve their needs.

So the term “Your one Funnel away from retirement” is one of the saying that has been created. ClickFunnel even has a two Comma Club where people that have broken the Million Dollar sales through ClickFunnels can become members.

Is that possible? Yes.

Can anyone do it? No..

Am i trying?  Yes…

But it’s more than just creating a funnel it’s finding who you need to market to, having a big ticket item (or more than one) and creating the value ladder of product/services one of which needs to be re-occurring income (the money stream).

Some business already have all the pieces, they just need the Sales Funnel created for them, and for some people becoming a Certified ClickFunnels partner, that is the person that creates the funnel, lets these individuals become arguably the higest paid service providers in the world.

These individuals skills combined with ClickFunnels software take these business to 6 figure incomes and if your interested you can find out more from this link. It’s not cheap but compared to a University degree it’s a bargain and you’ll get high paying work as soon as you graduate.

Now yes i am a ClickFunnel affiliate, and yes I use and subscribe to ClickFunnels.

Find out more about ClickFunnels from this Link






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