Selling Online – The Bad, the Good and the Better

Ever created a website, listed it with products, sorted out the shipping, the merchant payment and then have sold nothing. I’ve created a few of these and it’s bad, the owners like it cause they have a really nice looking shop online, but then have no budget to advertise let alone build a list.

Their trade comes through the front door or at least it did, but now that’s dieing thanks to E-bay and Amazon.

Their website that is now out of date as all the pricing and models have changed, and you can get the same stuff cheaper elsewhere.

Their income has to be sourced now from other areas within the business or their doors close.

Some distributors are even selling direct online, cutting out the middle man, and once the customer figures out who the distributor for their desired product is, they deal direct or buy pass even them all together, and import it direct.

The line between the manufacturer, the importer, the distributor, the retailer had not only becomes blurred in todays world it’s rubbed out.

The corner shop is no more, it’s the speciality store that pays it’s profits in rent to the shopping centre shareholders that own the premises.

Seen the high turnover of shopping centre stores…

So what does all of this do for us, the online markers?

Well it means that if we can sell something that people want, they will buy it from us online 🙂

We can setup an online store for almost nothing.

WE could sell drop shipped items where if we can get the delivery time to a minimum we can move stock and make money. Real money…

Or we could sell information products that while being cheap, sort a persons problem and save time so that its instant return. Just watch the Paypal account every morning…

We could sell information packages, where what was worth $20 as an ebook is worth 10x that or more as a 4 week one step at a time video/audio/handout course that achieves the same outcome.

The same info presented in three ways is 10x the value.

Or go the next level and do the “personal mentoring inner circle” that will ensure results that you can take 6 weeks to setup the business process, cost 25K and then a 4K a month retainer/service fee with new “funnels” of business being extra.

Oh and take 20 – 50% of the profit if they can only afford 10k initially.

So where does that leave us?

Sell the affiliate product, sell our own product, create our training courses and membership courses or do our one on one or one to many coaching?

Well you have to decide, the best part is if you can deliver, AND market your wares you could retire rich and/or have the DOT COM lifestyle.

But you need 3 things…

1. Direction – Your specific target market and what you are selling

2. A Mentor – You need someone to point you in the right direction and keep you on track (this also involves training)

3. To actually DO IT!

Now you can shortcut years on your success path if you have money to invest in your future, likewise you can loose lots of money if you buy the wrong stuff.

Find the mentor to make you work!

Their proof/value is in their outcomes

Right Mentor = Success

Wrong Mentor = Failure

On the same token your success is not up them


And step 3!

You think your an expert, really?…

You think you know better?

You think you can make it online and be successful without the three steps clearly worked through?

Come back to me in a years time and we’ll see what’s changed…..

Monetize your on-line Blog

Since i’ve started my Blog i’ve had many viewers comment both in English and other languages. I must say that Googles Translate opens up a whole new world, and potential market, that otherwise would never be accessible.

So feel free to comment in your native language. 🙂

However there is certainly some SPAM, maybe one in 10 responses, which should never go “live” so with any blog post you need to set it up so you approve comments before these are published.

Now to get your article read, for Bloggers starting off you could post on Commercial Blog sites, indeed the content you are reading here is posted as articles on, Linkedin and links to this blog are on my Social Media sites.

So getting the word out for an extra 10 minutes work is certainly an easy task.

But from a personal point of view you need to give your blog site a home, at your Domain where you can get readers to go to read it and hopefully click on affiliate links within the document or on the “banner adds on your site” and earn income.

Ok so i host my site on the iClickandhost servers running the Hepsia Server Interface (as opposed to C-Panel) it is fast and located in different locations around the world and it is cheaper than the C-Panel equivalents.

The blog software we use is WordPress

I actually run multiple WordPress sites within my Domain each running different themes.

The blog site uses the rather affordable Generate Press theme and you can watch the video below to see some of it’s easy to use features. There is a free version and that works quite well. The license that you can buy for it is for unlimited sites and it is a clean, easy to setup interface and it works great.

Now by placing banner adds on your site is one way that you can earn money through Clicks.

That is people Clicking on the links or the Add Image and buying the product that is listed on your page.

If this product was an affiliate product you could earn a 50% commission depending on the deal for that product.

Now Widgets are the key! to Monetize your site.

You will place “Adds” into text boxes created within Widgets

To set this up you will paste the code for the “Banner Add” into a Text box you create in a Widget.

Widgets can be in areas in your Blog Post so say a Sidebar (Right or Left Areas on your Page), The footer area (bottom of the page) or even in the Body Area of the Page (Say under the Blogs Title before the blogs text starts)

To get the clues of how you can paste this “code” into text box widgets watch this excellent tutorial video by Bob Dunn

One source of Adds that you can make income from is Google’s Adsense. Here you are paid per add click, as opposed to a percentage of the sale, but it could be an option to earn easy income.

You can apply to Google’s Adsense and if approved have their adds appear on your site. (by adding in their code)

But it depends on what you are selling or promoting.

For those of us doing affiliate marketing it is very difficult to get approved…..

So there are other add sources.

Now i am fussy about the product that I wish to promote so after I have used the product and it is of an appropriate standard I will apply to become an affiliate for it.

Many reputable companies have affiliate programs and the ones that are serious have banner adds in different sizes complete with the code, so you can easily add them to your blog post or web pages.

They will generally require that you are a user of the software before you can be an affiliate. And you will have to go through an approval process.

Two examples on two different WordPress Themes, that i have on my site, has these types of adds in the right sidebars on the blog and latest sections.

Now if you just want to add text based adds i’d recommend you checkout the ClickBank Ad Rotator Software by Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill which is an alternative to Google Adsense if you can’t get approved by Google.

Anyone can be an affiliate for ClickBank Products

Another place to get Affiliate products from is JVZoo. You would have to apply individually to each product to become an affiliate for a product.

So thats some ways to earn from your blog. Please feel free to tap and buy anything from the links on my blog or website, that way i can earn money from my blog…


Checkout the Generate Press WordPress theme.

Online Sales – there are some seriously good training options

Becoming someone that is successful at making an income from online marketing can take a newby quite a while to accomplish.  There are certainly shortcuts and pretty well all of these involve spending money and not necessarily small amounts.

Do they work?

I guess the best answer is yes and no.

A problem that a lot of newby’s have is Shiny Object Syndrome where we jump from one training course or mentor to the next…

And never finish what we start.

WE buy and attend every training program we can find hoping that the next one Will BE THE ONE…

You can find these advertised on Facebook, and once you tap on a link you will sign up to attend a live (or made to feel live) webinar that will take you through a well scripted and presented presentation.

If you watch to the end it will have the $17k valued package being offered for normally $2997 but only in the next 30 minutes at $997 or three easy payments of $347

And they’ll wrap it up with the “If your one of the first 10 purchasers you’ll get these bonuses”

Note that all the prices will end in a 7

It’s the new magic sales number although it has always been my favourite…

So where do they learn these techniques…. the procedure is so predictable, but also is so very effective at sales.

Well it takes two things to make this work.

Firstly the “Attractive Character” the person presenting the webinar, who through training and practice and following the rules of engagement, who can after an hour (or more) of speaking to a screen, have you pulling out your credit card, making your payment and typing “i’m in!”

And secondly is what I call the rules of engagement.

I watch these webinars now not to buy their products but to see the delivery.

Just like now when I surf on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram I look at the adds.. whats working and what’s not.

Sad thing is what you think shouldn’t work often does.

So todays little secret is where you learn to deliver “The Perfect Webinar” and having got the FREE plus postage package version from Russell Brunson. The best webinars i’ve seen convert use this method.

Likewise if you want to see what works for conversions on Websites get the FREE plus postage copy of “108 Proven Split Test Winners” it will open your eyes to what should not work but does.

And yes I am an affiliate for these products but only cause they actually work and teach us things, and they are actually FREE…

Going where autoresponders can’t go…

For many of us involved in internet marketing, integrating autoresponders into monitoring clicks, made from links in the emails we send out, and putting code on our webpages to check on visits from our customers, is part of the norm.

Many of the major autoresponder companies have started to include the ability to create website landing pages, which take their products into the big league. I quite like the editor that Get Response has to create landing pages, and for getting email addresses, their form builder rocks.

Most autoresponders now have the ability to create html based email messages which seriously takes no effort to create a great looking email. But out of the 150 emails I receive every day maybe one marketer is actually using this technology…

Seriously I think it’s time we made the effort.

And i am sooo sick of multiple emails from the same marketers in product launch weeks when I buy the product (when it’s the cheapest on day 1) but receive another 9 emails from them anyway. Gee it would be good if they had the technology to move me from the advertise to list, to the bought the product list and then market the upsells to me….

Gosh that would make really good marketing sense…

Ok so where is this headed.

Moving a client from one list to another in the autoresponder, Cool Form Builders, Landing Page Creation Editors, Wonderful Looking Html Emails, Social Media Stats about the Client and their interests, occupation and income level, Sales Page Creation Tools and Sales Funnels editors with upsells.

Oh and Analytics so we actually knew what was working and what wasn’t…

Wouldn’t it be good if someone tied all this technology together into one package that did it all.

Who would be the one person that could have the vision for all of that


Actually make it work!

His name is Russell and you need to watch this…



Follow this link to find out more or go to

Yes I am an affiliate for this product but I guess you can see why.

The 3P’s & an A to success

We as future or current workers or employers fall into two categories.

Either we are a sheep, or we are the dog.

The dog that herds the sheep, or perhaps just the dog that run’s free.

Society or rather technology has changed the game.

A teenager while still at school can run a website, have a fan page, publish e-books and video’s, and sell digital and physical products.

All from the comfort of their own bedroom with little or no outgoing expenses (thanks mum!)

This is before they can even drive a car, or have gained a qualification.

So every job and every business has changed forever.

So how do we become the dog, if your not already reading this you probably haven’t the makings of the dog.

The sheep just do what they are told and are rounded up and used. Paid enough to eat but not enough to live.

Their endless cycle continues…

So how do we succeed? With technology we must

P1 – Persuade

We have to sell or persuade our audience to buy from us. Answer their question Why?

And give them a good enough reason so they are entering in their credit card details on a screen from the other side of the world to pay you, without so much, as a hesitation.

P2 – Presence

Blog, Books, Video’s and Presence

They have to know through a Google Search that you are indeed a person of authority, and that simply by your publications and therefore that is the proof, that you can be trusted, and are an authority in your field

P3 – Produce

You produce a service or sell or resell an item….. be it training, membership, affiliate or your own product/thing

A1 – Affiliate

You must have affiliates, also known as JV’s joint venture partners, not that sort of joint!, to promote your “thing”

Everything needs a launch and getting affiliates to promote your launch (and share in the spoils) is the ONLY thing that will make your thing work or not.

The only exception to this is if you have an unlimited budget for advertising, or the desire for your thing combined with your target niche marketing is seriously effective.

So to move forward when someone asks you what do you do?

So if you are a service…

Hi I’m (insert name) and I run/work in a media business that creates social media campaigns that take businesses to 6 figure incomes in six months through working closely with businesses worldwide. We fly to the business, spend a week analysing their business practices, identify inefficiencies and product offering, we revise their website, create sales funnels and social media campaigns. We charge $10,000 plus expenses for the first month an ongoing fee of $3000 a month for maintenance and updates plus 30% of profits in the sales funnels.

As opposed to yes i work in a media company…

If you sell something

Hi I’m (insert name) I run an online business selling  (insert products) we have an affiliate network of over 3000 Affiliates who promote and sell our products. My publications are available at the Apple Store and on Amazon. I publish a daily blog and we have over 10,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook. I am always on the lookout for quality products or services.

As opposed to yes i have a website…

Even the dog can be lazy…








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