Get it right in selling online – the statistics seriously DO mater!

Ok, this ones worth reading, for any of us that sell online we can all tell stories, of what does’nt work in our online sales funnels.

For those of us that have stuck around for long enough, and not given up, we could tell you what does work.

But…. the silence is deafening… or at a price

Selling online, while it certainly involves marketing, it also involves the science of what works and what doesn’t work, or what kinda works.

And it is a science, as it is based on numbers, and we call those numbers conversions.

For the newby this can be the difference between buying food for the next few days verses paying rent and eating.

So how, in our sales pages, do we really know what’s converting?

What is working in our sales funnel pathway and what isn’t?

Well yes, obviously sales, but how many sales?

What is restricting or loosing the conversion?

It’s interesting I’m a member of one of the Clickfunnel’s private Facebook groups and people will ask for assistance and advice and many will respond with advice and help. It’s a great supportive environment. A great place for any newby to ask for help when their online sales funnel fails, and it is a common problem, lot’s of visitors but no conversions.

Every internet sellers nightmare. The absolute worst problem. Particulary when you are paying for the traffic…

It’s certainly not the Clickfunnel’s software, that has been well proven and millions of dollar has been made with sales funnels created using it.

But of course there are some people that build will a funnel but then don’t actually test it, that is buy their own product….

Always go incognito for that and test it…

At the end of the day, once you’ve proven the tech works, what it all comes down to, is the content and the offer.

But then if it does work, a few tweaks could be the difference between selling a few units and selling lots.

So how do we know? How do we improve?

It’s called Split testing..

We create two almost identical or quite different landing pages, then alternatively send traffic to each.

After a predetermined period, one is declared the winner.

The difference could be as suble as the headline or the placement of an image.

Or that one page that was a long form text only sales letter, verses a video sales page.

Never guess what wins in that last example, BUT it depends on the industry and the offer…

Either way we have the stats, so we run the test again

Is the red “Buy Now!” button more effective than the green “Buy Now” Button?

Ok so, that sounds simple… but how do I do that, on my WordPress or HTML based site?

How do I know where to start? What differences should there be between the pages?

How do I make the tech work?

Where can I read about this?

Ok there are a few options…

Firstly there is a software service called Split Test Monkey that for a very low fee will create a url address you send traffic too, from your add or link.

It will then it will send your traffic to the alternating landing pages that you specify (up to 6 actually but I wouldn’t recommend more than two or it get’s too confusing). Then you can monitor the outcome and improve.

Or if you are a Clickfunnels user that functionality is already built in.

High converting sales funnels are not by accident, they are by careful design and implimentation. So unless you are monitoring your stats and improving your funnel, that is, pluging the leaks, conversions won’t improve and you, or your client, will never know…

It’s scary, actually, when you see what does and doesn’t work well, and you will seriously question why you spent all that money on graphic design that look’s great… but doesn’t actually convert very well or does it?

Where the proof you ask?

Well you can get that for free, it will just cost you the postage, and give you some direction of where to start with you landing pages. Russell Brunson’s “108 Proven Split Test Winners” is a real eye opener of a reference book on the topic.

What colours work best?

What two magic words could increase your conversions by 28%…

Why testimonials make a difference and why placing them in a certain location on your page could increase your conversions by 101%

I’d also recommend you watch Russell’s free webinar on Funnel Cloning where he actually goes to Clickbank’s headquarters and looks at Funnels that convert.

If your going to create a funnel you might as well clone one that has been proven to work in your niche!

Hey, if you want to get really serious Clickfunnels even created its own university called Funnel University the ultimate split testing reference.

Yes I am an affiliate for the products mentioned in this article but I wouldn’t even mention them if they didn’t provide value and potentially make you money as in some cases for no outlay or a small investment.

Wishing you a high converting, non-leaky with upsells, additional units and downsells, one time, expiring soon while stock lasts, finishes tomorrow, with gift wrapping, overnight delivery, free download, not banned by Facebook successful online sales funnel.

Here’s to our success!




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