Web Hosting – The new GUI

For many of us C-Panel is what many of us have used for years. It has grown, been updated, twisted and conformed into the monster that it is today.

Kind of like how WordPress grew from a blogging tool to a website creator

Kind of like how Windows grew from a thing called DOS which was a text based interface, to the click, drag and now slide and tap user interface that it is today.

So the C-Panel graphic user interface sits on top of a Linux operating system.

It’s cool, incredibly powerful and I describe it as the server version of a V8 muscle car. But it comes at a cost which is a licence fee which you as the hirer of the place of where your website is hosted pay as part of your monthly or annual fee.

Enter the new kid on the block, something that in some ways is modeled off the C-Panel interface but it kinda looked at C-Panels good points and made sure the really annoying things that webmasters hate about C-Panel were never going to be an issue or appear in it.

Now if i was going to compare this OS to a car it would be a BMW i8

I’ve been using a VPS (virtual private server) version on this for over a year. At the peak I had over 1000 domains hosted on it.

Installing a WordPress site or any CMS is a breeze. As is setting up multiple email accounts on different domains.

Does it work well? It is fast, if you are reading this post on the  https://www.stuffthatworks.news/blog then you are seeing it in action.

Why would you host on it as opposed to a C-Panel host? Well if speed, ease of use, local access, having the servers your website is located on at multiple points around the globe are a concern it’s is definitely worth considering. And the biggy of course…… price.

And the fact that the help desk response time in every situation that I have had to use it took 15 minutes or less..

So if you are based in the States and you can’t tear yourself away from a C-Panel i recommend and use In-motion Hosting

If you want to take the next step in the re-creation of what C-Panel should be, or are starting out with a budget of not very much, you should go for the Hepsia system at iClick & Host.

So Hepsia is the new kid on the block and definitely worth the look.




Create your Website to be mobile friendly

The web is being accessed more and more on mobile devices in fact in a recent study  “It’s research arm, StatCounter Global Stats finds that mobile and tablet devices ​
accounted for 51.3% of internet usage worldwide in October (2016) compared to 48.7% by desktop”.”

Designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices.

So how do you know if your site is mobile friendly, one free tool you can use to check is Googles Mobile Friendly Test page at https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly

Now just cause it passes that test, doesn’t mean that it will look good on a mobile device, so there are paid online websites that “virtualize” popular devices and show you, but i’d recommend you check your website on all the devices you can get your hands on.

For those of us using ClickFunnels to build our website pages, in the editor you can seperately view and edit, how the content’s within a page will look, which is one reason i really do love the software.

In some WordPress Theme Editors, such as one of my favourites Generate Press, you can view desktop, tablet and mobile previews so you know if your in the ballpark with your design.

At the end of the day

“Everything you are putting online needs to be mobile friendly or you are losing half your market”

Are you one of the millions that check your email and Facebook on your phone first thing when you get up in the morning…


ClickFunnels Changing Peoples Lives

ClickFunnels is the vision of marketer Russel Brunson come to life. A mad marketing nut who from an early age would ring up companies to get free offers and have them delivered to his parents house. Boxes of stuff would arrive, much more than the odd letter his parents would see. And he would rumage through the adds and learn about what worked and what didn’t. He describes this as his junk mail addiction, and this combined with his TV add addiction created the million dollar internet marketer we see today…

Come forward a few years later his first “making money from the internet” saw his internet connection (this was in the days of dialup) suspended as he attempted his first mass internet mailout to an aquired email list. But even so it met with some success and this ignited the passion which still drives him today.

So like most of us in business we have wins and losses and marketing someones elses product can be an issue. ClickFumnnels and the way it is marketed and supported takes a whole new breath of fresh air into the picture.

What is ClickFunnels? Well it is an the electronic or rather internet version of a sales funnel. Unlike a standard internet shopping cart the user is funnelled through a path to hopefully get their needs fufilled. It is based around a value ladder where the customer buys one product and then is offered an upsell (would you like fries and a drink with that), and if successful another upsell (how about an instructional video and 7 day training course on how to best eat your hamburger, fries and coke and avoid weightloss) but if they don’t want the upsells give them the option of a downsell (would you like a carrot stick and some hommace?) and then if they pass on that give them a discount voucher/code that they can use on their next purchase.

Now thats one example of what ClickFunnels offers and really it’s a bit like the iceburg what you see at the top is nothing compared to what is below the surface. What Russel and his team of developers have created is an online service where anyone can create a sales funnel that can add value to their business by offering customers a pathway to resolve their needs.

So the term “Your one Funnel away from retirement” is one of the saying that has been created. ClickFunnel even has a two Comma Club where people that have broken the Million Dollar sales through ClickFunnels can become members.

Is that possible? Yes.

Can anyone do it? No..

Am i trying?  Yes…

But it’s more than just creating a funnel it’s finding who you need to market to, having a big ticket item (or more than one) and creating the value ladder of product/services one of which needs to be re-occurring income (the money stream).

Some business already have all the pieces, they just need the Sales Funnel created for them, and for some people becoming a Certified ClickFunnels partner, that is the person that creates the funnel, lets these individuals become arguably the higest paid service providers in the world.

These individuals skills combined with ClickFunnels software take these business to 6 figure incomes and if your interested you can find out more from this link. It’s not cheap but compared to a University degree it’s a bargain and you’ll get high paying work as soon as you graduate.

Now yes i am a ClickFunnel affiliate, and yes I use and subscribe to ClickFunnels.

Find out more about ClickFunnels from this Link






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