Expert Secrets – The Book Updates

Well it finally arrived and was it worth the wait… absolutely.

So from Page 100 we dive into Secrets 7 thru 22 and there is a lot covered.

If you’ve watched the free training on the Perfect Webinar Funnel this expands on that training breaking down each step and offers so much more of an insight into the process and mindset of selling.

With the information given you can apply this information to a webinar, a video sales letter, a live sales presentation, an email sequence or even a website.

So now there are two books you need to read this one and Russells other book DOTCOMSECRETS.

But read this one first.

So Secret 7 – The hero’s two journeys –

This is about telling stories where we build rapport with the hero and then introduce their desire for something more.

We offer a journey of achievement which introduces the journey of transformation and then against insurmountable obsticles new opportunites emerge and the point of no return is encountered. It’s now or never

Want to know what happened?

This is the power of the story that is the bridge between the initial discovery and the journey we take the individual on.

So Secret 8 is the Epipany Bridge Script which he breaks that down into its 8 core sections.

Secret 9 is about the False Belief Patterns that we all have.

Like the elephant that has been trained as a baby when is tied by chains to stop it escaping.

But as it grows older, bigger and stronger it is now “chained by a thin rope” which it could break so easily.

But it is “chained” in it’s mind so it doesn’t even attempt to escape cause it believes it can’t.

Such are our false beliefs that bind and hold us back.

Secret 10 is the 3 key secrets that come to the surface and stop us from buying and what beliefs we as marketers need to break in order to get the sale.

Secret 11 unravells the irrestible offer and is called the Stack Slide.

This is where we stack up everything the customer gets so they just can’t say no…

Its the irrestible offer after all.

Then chapter 12 launches into The Perfect Webinar where the message you are giving is all about

“Getting them to believe one thing”

And nothing more or you will loose sales.

Russel breaks each component down, the introduction, the one sentence persuasion, the one thing…,

the three secrets to overcome, the domino effect where all barriers fall away, and finally the stack is revealed…

The irrestible offer that they can’t say no to

This time proven sequence has made millions and it will make many millions more.

Russell’s gems of wisdom in the most practical sense will take you all the way to Secret 22.

This book is a must read for every marketer, salesman and certainly entrepreneur.

Oh and it’s FREE just pay postage



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