Online Sales – there are some seriously good training options

Becoming someone that is successful at making an income from online marketing can take a newby quite a while to accomplish.  There are certainly shortcuts and pretty well all of these involve spending money and not necessarily small amounts.

Do they work?

I guess the best answer is yes and no.

A problem that a lot of newby’s have is Shiny Object Syndrome where we jump from one training course or mentor to the next…

And never finish what we start.

WE buy and attend every training program we can find hoping that the next one Will BE THE ONE…

You can find these advertised on Facebook, and once you tap on a link you will sign up to attend a live (or made to feel live) webinar that will take you through a well scripted and presented presentation.

If you watch to the end it will have the $17k valued package being offered for normally $2997 but only in the next 30 minutes at $997 or three easy payments of $347

And they’ll wrap it up with the “If your one of the first 10 purchasers you’ll get these bonuses”

Note that all the prices will end in a 7

It’s the new magic sales number although it has always been my favourite…

So where do they learn these techniques…. the procedure is so predictable, but also is so very effective at sales.

Well it takes two things to make this work.

Firstly the “Attractive Character” the person presenting the webinar, who through training and practice and following the rules of engagement, who can after an hour (or more) of speaking to a screen, have you pulling out your credit card, making your payment and typing “i’m in!”

And secondly is what I call the rules of engagement.

I watch these webinars now not to buy their products but to see the delivery.

Just like now when I surf on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram I look at the adds.. whats working and what’s not.

Sad thing is what you think shouldn’t work often does.

So todays little secret is where you learn to deliver “The Perfect Webinar” and having got the FREE plus postage package version from Russell Brunson. The best webinars i’ve seen convert use this method.

Likewise if you want to see what works for conversions on Websites get the FREE plus postage copy of “108 Proven Split Test Winners” it will open your eyes to what should not work but does.

And yes I am an affiliate for these products but only cause they actually work and teach us things, and they are actually FREE…

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