Selling Online – The Bad, the Good and the Better

Ever created a website, listed it with products, sorted out the shipping, the merchant payment and then have sold nothing. I’ve created a few of these and it’s bad, the owners like it cause they have a really nice looking shop online, but then have no budget to advertise let alone build a list.

Their trade comes through the front door or at least it did, but now that’s dieing thanks to E-bay and Amazon.

Their website that is now out of date as all the pricing and models have changed, and you can get the same stuff cheaper elsewhere.

Their income has to be sourced now from other areas within the business or their doors close.

Some distributors are even selling direct online, cutting out the middle man, and once the customer figures out who the distributor for their desired product is, they deal direct or buy pass even them all together, and import it direct.

The line between the manufacturer, the importer, the distributor, the retailer had not only becomes blurred in todays world it’s rubbed out.

The corner shop is no more, it’s the speciality store that pays it’s profits in rent to the shopping centre shareholders that own the premises.

Seen the high turnover of shopping centre stores…

So what does all of this do for us, the online markers?

Well it means that if we can sell something that people want, they will buy it from us online 🙂

We can setup an online store for almost nothing.

WE could sell drop shipped items where if we can get the delivery time to a minimum we can move stock and make money. Real money…

Or we could sell information products that while being cheap, sort a persons problem and save time so that its instant return. Just watch the Paypal account every morning…

We could sell information packages, where what was worth $20 as an ebook is worth 10x that or more as a 4 week one step at a time video/audio/handout course that achieves the same outcome.

The same info presented in three ways is 10x the value.

Or go the next level and do the “personal mentoring inner circle” that will ensure results that you can take 6 weeks to setup the business process, cost 25K and then a 4K a month retainer/service fee with new “funnels” of business being extra.

Oh and take 20 – 50% of the profit if they can only afford 10k initially.

So where does that leave us?

Sell the affiliate product, sell our own product, create our training courses and membership courses or do our one on one or one to many coaching?

Well you have to decide, the best part is if you can deliver, AND market your wares you could retire rich and/or have the DOT COM lifestyle.

But you need 3 things…

1. Direction – Your specific target market and what you are selling

2. A Mentor – You need someone to point you in the right direction and keep you on track (this also involves training)

3. To actually DO IT!

Now you can shortcut years on your success path if you have money to invest in your future, likewise you can loose lots of money if you buy the wrong stuff.

Find the mentor to make you work!

Their proof/value is in their outcomes

Right Mentor = Success

Wrong Mentor = Failure

On the same token your success is not up them


And step 3!

You think your an expert, really?…

You think you know better?

You think you can make it online and be successful without the three steps clearly worked through?

Come back to me in a years time and we’ll see what’s changed…..

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