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So it's Tuesday Morning (13th June 2017) and i'm editing websites and writing a status update so its all good. The rest of Australia thinks its 1:34am but I know different. It's coming up to 11.34am EST on Monday somewhere else. I love world time...

When I stay up I get to watch the new product releases on JVZoo and mayby pickup something special.

Ok so i'm still writing a whole lot of things and sorting out some systems so we are about 6 weeks off us actually having the website at the first point of done.

And yes i havn't been posting as much as I should. It will be worth it my absence just wait and see. So many changes to come.

There will be lot's of free information about getting your business working online, and the systems to make that work. These fall into four areas.

  1. Your Website
  2. Social Media
  3. The Back Office
  4. Promotion

We will be covering these in the training, and will show you ways to grow your business and your earnings.

Later this week or early next week our review section will come on line, and also our (as opposed to a affilate) products that we have created or are licenced to sell. Watch this space Click-Funnel newbies.

Once that's live, our member area will emerge. Those who have bought a product through or from me will automaticly be granted access free for 12 months. A year is then credited for each purchase. For others it's a $7 per annum entry. It is just worth it for the access to free software and resources as well as advanced business training.

As I am a developer I am in the process of testing and refining a complete done for you business system that I have been developing. It can runs on your web server. It has a back office system that will organise, systemize and monatize your procedures. Gives you real time statistics of what is working from your advertising and posts as well as split testing. Just that claim barly touches the surface of how this system can make a change. Your office would now be online 24/7 and accessable from any connected device.

Ideal for any business online it can encompass, steamline and automate your business. More on that in good time.

Have a great day. I will



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