Nigel’s Guide to Setup ClickFunnels

Got ClickFunnels? But it all seems too hard?

Do you really just need a screen by screen setup guide?

Here is the stepping stone you need...

Clickfunnels is a really easy tool to create Sales Funnels that convert...
(assuming the product you are selling is fair dinkum and that your sales presentation is great)


Setting it up initially can be a bit stressful so I wrote this guide to help anyone that is struggling to get ClickFunnels and it's integrations sorted.

So we look at

  • Buying a Domain
  • Sorting CloudFlare
  • Sorting Email Hosting
  • Sorting the Email Autoresponder
  • Creating an optin form
  • Getting Paid and more

So for $7 this can help you get the technical side sorted in an instantly downloadable 143 page PDF document.

Comes with a 7 day money back guarentee.