A Note about Reviews

Ok first point here.

None (at the time of writing) of the software that I review here has been provided to me. I have bought or subscribed to each of the products.

Now as a person that has authored software applications, created web pages and websites, published interactive CD’s, worked with screen readers for the blind, worked as a recording engineer, a live sound guy, and even designed and operated lighting systems. I really like stuff that works.

In addition i’m a video editor, an animator and an adult trainer, and have written and taught using the Moodle online learning platform.

Just so you know I hate Window’s operating systems, I mean even when I got a Windows phone (the first time I had wanted destroy a piece of technology since Window’s 3.1, Pro-Tools and Final Cut Pro) I was prepared to give it a serious go. Yes they probably will get it right but…

Ok, but I will concieve, Yes Windows 10 is the best yet, but I still always use my 8 year old Macs everyday where my almost new Windows 10 machine will be lucky to get booted (turned on) twice a month. 

I just love Stuff That Works.

So if you haven’t guessed by now what you read in these reviews will be honest. I will say what I think. I don’t suffer crap and as a person that has developed systems, I really hate it when silly things like “Why? is there is an extra two click required when there was no reason for that to be the case…?”

For example there is one product that will be released soon that I had the option of becoming an affiliate for and actually got the chance to try it online (and then buy it at a preview price). Now it was a WordPress Plug-in but having tried it in actual use (I actually wanted to add the feature it offered to this website) I found a free plugin that did exactly the same thing without the extra two mouse clicks…

Will that product sell? It does, but if I had reviewed it here I would have said look elsewhere.

Which is what we should all do anyway…

Then make an informed business decision, unless you do have the money to have the latest and greatest, then have it sit on your hard drive.

But please if you are in that mindset, give it to us marketers and developers and yes we do like that and we will quite happly take it.

So back to the real world…

It’s really hard, well maybe not so much hard just a hassle, to get become an affiliate on the JV Zoo network for many of the products listed, let alone get a free piece of software to try. There are many times I have bought JV Zoo products that I though were ok actually even better than ok, but due to my lack of sales (as an affiliate marketer on that platform) I was not allowed to become an affiliate for the product.

So what that means in reality is that products that I do buy, that are good and are not granted affiliate status for… won’t be listed here.

Sorry but it’s hard to earn a living as an affiliate marketer and it’s a lesson for all that I learn’t in the Entertainment Industry.

If your nice and someone burns you fair enough, but if you don’t give someone a chance who is serious enough to try, let alone promote your products for free, then no one has the right to shatter someone for trying. In Australia we call it giving a person a fair go.

Of course unfortunately there are some products that I do buy and I would not recommend, or their after sales service sucks.

In both examples where I have had this occur the software rocked and I would recommend it without hessitation to the point of being, in one case, a raving fan but now but I would not recommend these applications to anyone, or any other product those businesses have.

So the reality is, as I have to buy the software to review chances are what you read will generally be after the products launch week so from a money point of view if you think you need it… then get buy it then… as it will be cheaper and probably not a monthly subscription which some products will turn into after a launch. But read the refund policy though and don’t be a serial refunder. The people that put countless hours into creating the product, and the affiliates and the sellers involved don’t deserve you wasting their time and money as we still have to pay the transaction fees.

Lets look carefully at what we buy and don’t commit unless you can justify an immediate or in the short term use for that product AND it will, make you or be a tool that you will use TO make you money.

Avoid Shiny Object syndrome it will blind your pathway to success…

So in the spirit of the Stuff That Works please read on.


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