Bretts Circle – Affiliate Marketing Training

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So a bit of background first Brett Rutecky is one of what, in the affiliate marketing space is known as an Super Affiliate. He and his business partner Mike Thomas (Mike from Maine) are regularly seen listed in the top 10 of the leader affiliate sales boards on JV Zoo’s IM Products.

He runs a review website that has gained a massive reputation for being one of the most honest software review sites in the world.

Honesty (5/5)
Price (4/5)
Implimentation (4/5)
Intrinsic Value (5/5)

Now I first came across Brett’s work, as he is a programmer as well, in a product known as Re-Engager but didn’t have the money at the time, and then thought that I had lost that opportunity.

Anyway sometime later I came across Brett again in a software giveaway he was doing as a promotion on Facebook, which then led me to his website and I think i’ve bought every product now he has released.

And no it’s not the buy the shiny object syndrome cutting in but more of “Thats what i’ve been looking for to solve that problem in my WordPress website“. And it is so refreshing to find a coder that solves problems.

So Bretts Circle is training about affiliate marketing, and yes there is certainly training by both JV Zoo and ClickBank of an official nature available for monthly fees (lookout for my reviews on those), if your starting off or debating about the affiliate marketing path, the one off fee, to get this will ground you in the stuff that will help you to understand how the industry functions.

So what do you get…

So there are to the point videos on every topic ranging from 3 minutes up to 19 minutes in length.

The reality is that the way that Brett sees it, you need to run a review site, and build, or have built for you, products that you own and can sell and leverage with in your business.

The combination of all of these things, and the effort to make all of that work will make you successful.

But it is work, it’s a job and while you are your own boss, unfortunately you can’t fire yourself and you have to make it work.

Discipline and Dedication…

So if you are serious about creating your dotcom lifestyle…

This training is the best way to see behind the scenes and see how the industry is structured and how the money flows.

I just wish I had discovered this two years ago as I, like many others, have paid for our own learning, in the mistakes we have made and, most of those could have been avoided had we known what Brett has since taught me and is available in this course.

Now you also get to join the Private Facebook Group so you can learn from others going down the same path.


Now this training retails for $97 but you can get it for a discounted price just for reading this review.

Bretts Circle - Affiliate Training Program
The Good
  • says it as it is
  • no fluff
  • 4 hours of video
  • stuff that works
  • honesty
The Bad
  • slide presentation dated