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WP Import 2.0 is a WordPress Plug-in and if you are struggling to create content for your blog it can be an inspirational source of ideas that can immediately free the writers block.

Having said that before you go down this path ask yourself “What are the most common questions that my customers ask?” and from your own point of view “What are the most common things that you wish your customer understood about your niche?”

Now if you have written blog posts or articles about all of these then I’ll give you permission to use WP Import Pro but only then.

At the end of the day it’s about giving your customers what they want to know.

Now WP Import doesn’t cost very much, it has it’s own library of articles (28,000) that are already prewritten but having read through a number of these I don’t think that without modifying them they should be used.

Put simply everything you publish should have the following

  1. Does the article add value by giving new information or creating a “that’s what that means” moment?
  2. Does the article paint you by what you have written as an authority on that topic?
  3. Does the article offer enough information that the reader might contact you wanting to know more?

If it ticks at least two of those pints then that’s a good start…

So back to WP Import, now I am writting what is turning out to be a novel sized document on internet marketing. At least with a book a page is the size of a page. On the internet a page can go on forever. Some of my internet pages take 14 pages to print.

So I bought WP Import as it was very affordable and unlike some of the steal content and republish solutions that I ethically don’t agree, with this, it comes with a huge library of copyright free PLR articles to use. And that great!

If has articles on most popular topics and with a day or two of sorting and editing you could seriously have a years worth of blog posts sorted and sceduled.

That being said it’s depth of knowledge on internet marketing isn’t huge but needless to say it created the inspiration I needed at times when my brain overload was taking hold.

And for that it worth its weight in gold.

Implimentation (4/5)
Intrinsic Value (3.5/5)
Price (4.5/5)
Ease of Use (3/5)

Lets look at the way it works.


So you have a number of options. You could upload your own articles, search for articles from the 28,000 you have available, import or enter manually.

You can then add these and create new posts or pages.

So if I did a search for shoes it would list articles.

Now I could select the Preview Option .

It will then display each article and I can decide on it’s suitability

If I tap continue it will then create Individual Posts for each article…. Instantly

Now of course you can add video’s from You-Tube and edit the content but as a time saver or simply creating a starting point this can prove to be very helpful.

I recommend you edit the content and make it your own but I have to give this content creation solution the thumbs up and recommend it.

View the Sales video from the Buy Now Page to learn ways that it could serve you.

Tap the Buy Now button to find out more

WP Import Pro
The Good
  • Huge Database
  • Instant Results
  • User Friendly
  • Affordable
The Bad
  • Must do Editing
  • Not Much
WP Import Pro 2.0
WP Import Pro 2.0
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