Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Bible How to Earn a Passive Online Income

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    How Does Earning a Secondary Passive Income Sound Selling Clickbank Products?

    In this book you will learn how to earn a secondary income selling Clickbank products on autopilot.

    Plus, you will receive my Free 5,000 Word Twitter Marketing Guide.

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    By reading this book you will learn my secrets to building an affiliate marketing business promoting Clickbank products. In brief, here’s what’s included:


    • Understanding the Clickbank Marketplace
    • Understanding Clickbank Reporting
    • How to Find a Profitable Clickbank Product
    • How to Find Profitable Keywords
    • WordPress Blog Affiliate Marketing Tips
    • Why and How to Build a Profitable Email Subscriber List
    • Different Ways to Track Top Performing Keywords and Phrases
    • Six Methods to Promote a Clickbank Product to Get You Started


    All my advice is White Hat so no risk of getting banned by Google. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced affiliate marketer, this book is for you

     Why Should You Believe Me?

    I am a keen and experienced affiliate marketer who has built a portfolio of WordPress websites which produce a combined income of over $2,000 each month. The best part is that I do this part time as I work full time as a Sales & Marketing Manager.

    Although there’s a choice of affiliate marketing platforms available, my preference has always been promoting products listed in the Clickbank Marketplace.

    For less than a price of a coffee, you could discover how to earn a nice income and supplement your monthly salary or work for yourself as an Internet Marketer.


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